GPU Programming Technology Researcher at ARM, Cambridge, UK

17 10 2011

The Media Processing Division of ARM are looking for a bright and motivated engineer to perform leading edge research into programming models and compiler technology for programmable accelerators such as GPUs and SIMD units, as part of the EU-funded project on Correct and Efficient Accelerator Programming (CARP).

If you have a passion for designing and implementing programming languages, related work or research experience, strong academic background and interest in parallel processing, then we are keen to hear from you!

To apply please visit (Job ID # 1691). For more information please email Dr Anton Lokhmotov

( or talk in person at the HiPEAC Computing Systems Event in Barcelona (

Job Requirements

The candidates must have a strong academic background in designing and implementing programming languages, and developing and optimising software for parallel systems. A PhD or an MSc with significant relevant experience is expected.

Essential Skills & Experience

– All-around compiler knowledge: parsing, analysis, machine-independent and machine-dependent optimisation (including vectorisation and parallelisation), and code generation.

– Expertise in at least one of the above areas and in at least one compiler infrastructure (e.g. LLVM, CoSy, GCC).

– Excellent programming skills in C/C++; good knowledge of Linux.

– Strong grasp of algorithms and data structures.

– Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

– Ability to work independently as well as in a team.

– Proactive and positive attitude.

Desirable Skills & Experience

– Knowledge of polyhedral code optimisations and code generation.

– Knowledge of computational patterns such as the Berkeley ‘motifs’

(‘dwarfs’) or skeletons.

– Knowledge of mobile CPU and GPU architectures, and operating systems, such as Android.

– Knowledge of GPU compute technologies, such as OpenCL, CUDA, RenderScript, AMP.

– Proficiency in functional, object-oriented and scripting languages.

– Experience in collaborating with academic and industrial partners.

– Exposure to software build, integration and test environments.

– Experience in contributing to open-source projects.


The Media Processing Division of ARM produces hardware and software technology for mobile and embedded devices. Our Mali™ Graphics Processors (GPUs) have an advanced, highly programmable architecture for accelerating graphics and general-purpose compute tasks, specifically tuned for high performance and low energy consumption.

Our OpenGL ES, OpenCL and OpenVG drivers support cutting-edge gaming and state-of-the-art user interfaces on operating systems such as Linux and Android. To see the current Mali GPUs in action take a look at the Mali Developer Center (